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Electroplating, Anodizing & Silk Screening Services

Zinc Plating

Zinc is used primarily for its functional property; to provide galvanic corrosion protection to steel.


ASTM B633 Type I, II, III, V
Chloride Zinc Plating
Clear, Yellow, Black Plating
Capacity: 22″ wide × 46″ deep × 110″ long

Bright Tin

Bright tin provides excellent electrical conductivity with the added benefit of giving corrosion prevention to the substrate material.


Capacity: 12″ wide × 33″ deep × 104″ long

Bright Nickel

Bright nickel, in addition to being decorative, gives a metal durable, long-lasting corrosion prevention.


Capacity: 12″ wide × 33″ deep × 104″ long

Alkaline Copper

Alkaline copper is used as an under-plate flash process for nickel and tin plating. It enhances adhesion and corrosion protection.


AMS 2418
Capacity: 12″ wide × 33″ deep × 104″ long


The anodizing process gives durable finish to aluminum substrate, helping it to resist corrosion. Additionally it adds surface hardness to reduce scratches and scuff marks.


MIL-A-8625F, Type II Class I and II, Clear and Black
Capacity: 36″ wide × 52″ tall × 110″ long

Chem Film

Chem film, also known as alodine chem film, is an excellent pretreatment for aluminum that protects against corrosion. A chromate film is applied to the material, and is often painted for final finish.


MIL-A-5541F, Type I and II, Class IA and III, Clear and Yellow/Gold

Silk Screening

Silk screening is a value-added service. Cimcon is your one-stop shop, and we have two dedicated silk screeners to ensure a prompt turnaround on your project.


Screen size capacity: 36″ × 48″ on standard screen applications