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Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty Coverage

Conditions of Warranty: Cimcon’s liability shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.

a) The claimant must provide proof that they are the covered person/entity.
b) The claimant must provide proof that Cimcon created the alleged defect and describe the location and details of the defect.
c) The covered person/entity must provide written notice within 14 days of invoice date of the claimed defect.

Cimcon reserves the right to inspect the alleged defects. If the defects are determined to be within the scope of the workmanship warranty, Cimcon will make the necessary repairs at Cimcon’s expense.

Cimcon will not accept responsibility for defects in workmanship beyond 14 days from the date of invoice.

Exclusions: This warranty excludes defects due to:
a) damage incurred outside of Cimcon’s facility,
b) alterations or customer rework, or
c) any cause other than Cimcon’s workmanship.

Disclaimer: The statements in this warranty constitute the only warranty extended by Cimcon for its workmanship. NO OTHER WARRANTY SHALL BE MADE BY OR ON BEHALF OF CIMCON.